AgriVet Africa Ltd was launched in 2003 by two veterinarians. The business is located in the Makeni area of Lusaka – Off Kafue Road. Both retail & wholesale divisions are located within the same premises. The primary business is the supply & distribution of veterinary medicine & allied equipment to farmers directly & through distributors located throughout Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe & DRC (Lubumbashi only). We also provide a Veterinary Consultancy Services to various sectors of the industry from small scale to large corporate commercial farmers. We interact with Government, Development Agencies, NGO’s, Faith Based Agencies, Academia, etc. Personnel attend Continuous Professional Development courses in order to provide our clientele with the latest information. We also conduct/facilitate training & seminars on a continuous basis for Veterinarians, farmers & new distributors located country wide. Our Staff component presently consists of five Veterinarians & two Agronomists amongst other personnel. We also run an annual Veterinary graduate orientation and mentorship program.
We pride ourselves in upholding our motto:

Our Aim

We pride ourselves in being truly development oriented. We have played a significant role in developing the small scale poultry industry and increasing the consumption of protein.

Our aim is to:

  Introduce the latest methods in livestock production;

  Increase protein production and consumption in Zambia;

  Help Zambia achieve household food security;

  Support the local crop chemical industry & feed manufacturers; and,

  Transforming small scale farmers into commercial farmers. 

We are distributors for Bayer, MSD, Pfizer (Zoetis), Virbac, & numerous manufacturers of very specialized products.

We support the local crop chemical industry & feed manufacturers. Seeing the need for an independent diagnostic laboratory, AgriVet was instrumental in bringing the local livestock industry together to establish Zambia’s first privately owned Vet. Diagnostic Facility, Vetlab Zambia Ltd which was recently sold to another S. African company, Deltamune who specialize in diagnostics.

In 2003, Zambia produced approx. 23 Million Broiler Chicken & in 2015, they produced approx. 77 Million Broiler Chicken – we have played a significant role in increasing protein consumption. We believe we have been a catalyst to many marginalized individuals who have shifted from being back yard farmers to emerging commercial farmers.

” We are distributors for Bayer, MSD, Pfizer (Zoetis), Virbac, & numerous manufacturers of very specialized products. “

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To improve our overall offering, AgriVet’s personnel engage on an ongoing basis with various stake holders such as feed manufacturers (i.e. Nutritionists), red & white meat producers, dairy & layer (i.e. egg) industry etc. In our quest to provide Zambian livestock producers with the most up to date information & products, our personnel attend continuous professional development courses both locally and internationally (but mainly in RSA).

We look forward to engaging with progressive South African Academics, Livestock Industry, manufacturers of related goods & services & departments like trade & industry & agriculture. 

Zambia was home to many stalwarts of our liberation struggle – We at AgriVet Africa believe, that the South African government is obliged to play a more meaningful role in the development of Zambia. AgriVet is willing & has the experience and expertise to play a role whereby we can return the gesture of solidarity. 

To create opportunity for Zambian Veterinarians whereby they can become franchisees of our successful model & replicate our activity at a local level. The result is improved protein production, consumption & at a lower cost. We also provide a consultancy service to the livestock sector in Zambia and beyond.

Our Agronomy team services the needs of horticulture and crop producers through disease identification and providing appropriate cost effective solutions. We have recently introduced a product to improve soil quality and plant immunity, thus decreasing dependence on artificial fertilizers and chemicals.

Agrivet Africa Ltd is aproud distributor for all leading , research based manufacturers mainly from USA, Europe and Asia. Our portfolio continues to grow based on the need of the local market and constantly improving farming practices

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"We look forward to providing you, our esteemed clientele, with Professional Service, Fair Price and Sound Advice"
Dr. Naeem Bham
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