Introducing Bovi Thrive Calf and Ovi Thrive Lamb and Kids

A good nutritional start for a calves and lambs ensures maximum production and an increase in return on investment

Main Ingredients and Benefits

Reason for inclusion
Provides effective first defence in the gut Supplies the essential nutrients for cell multiplication Supports the immune system Increases villi crypt for the maximum absorption of nutrients from the gut
Boosts good bacteria and changes environment for bad bacteria
For overall wellbeing
Chelated Trace Mineral
Chelation for maximum absorption and bioavailability without any interferences in the gut
Essential Fatty Acids
For improved cell and skin integrity
Cobalt and B12
To stimulate rumen function

Benefits of the Products

  • Improves the development of the rumen micro-organisms
  • Improved gut health – relates to better absorption of nutrients
  • Lower incidence of scours – relates to healthier young animals
  • Better feed conversion – relates to more weight gain per kg of feed
  • Better immune system – improves the young animal’s resistant to disease challenge
  • Better coat condition – means less disease challenge to the skin/fur/wool
  • Better hoof condition – means resistance to environmental challenges, e.g. muddy ground
  • Better meat quality – means better return on investment for the farmer

Balanced Multi Nutritional Liquid Product

  • Having a balanced multi – nutritional product for calves and lambs ensures that the animal gets the best possible start in life
  • Liquid nanotechnology ensures maximum absorption of nutrients and therefor increases bioavailability, ensuring excellent results
  • Supplementing nucleotides and prebiotics in the young animal results in improved general wellbeing and subsequent optimize production
  • State of the art formulation technology delivering oil based products in combination with water miscible vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
  • Excellent stabile formulation
  • Having the best nutritional supplementation results in maximum return on investment

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