Introducing Rota – Paste

Rota PAste

It is important to note that Calves are born without total immune protection

Main Ingredients and Benefits

Reason for inclusion
Active Egg Protein
Contains natural egg antibodies which support the immune system of the new born in case of no or low quality colostrum intake. Provides them with the components that they need to fight diarrhoea
Provides effective first defence in the gut Supplies the essential nutrients for cell multiplication Supports the immune system Increases surface area for the absorption of nutrients from the gut
Specialised Fatty Acids
Boosts energy
Beta Glucans
Stimulates the innate immune system
Boosts good bacteria

Immune Profile of Calf Age

Causes of death in the first week of the calve’s life

When to Apply Rota-Paste

  • New born animals which fail to get colostrum As early as possible within the first 24 hours
  • New born animals which had insufficient colostrum intake or which had colostrum of low Ig level (young mothers or acquisition of mothers)
  • Use on animals where their health history is unknown
  • Use when calves have been challenged by Rotavirus, Corona Virus, Salmonella, S. heidelberg, S.dublin, S.thyphimurium, S.enteritidis

“Report on the inclusion of First Guard Rota Paste as prophylactic treatment of outbreak of E.coli in intensive modern calf rearing unit”

Control Methods for Infections in the Tract


  • Slow immune response
  • Low effect against GI tract infections
  • insufficient or inadequate immune stimulation

Blood plasma, colostrum, etc.

  • Non specific antibodies
  • Safety problems
  • Not always available


  • Resistance
  • Drug residues in food
  • Not effective against viral infections
  • Also harms good microbial flora in intestine

Chicken egg immunoglobulins (IgY) – Byboost Rota-Paste

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