Introducing Scour-Ex

It is important to note that young animals are extremely susceptible to diarrhea (Scours)

Main Ingredients and Benefits

Reason for inclusion
Energy 4 Types
Replenish Critical energy lost due to scour and not absorbing energy without the blood glucose “Spike”
Provides effective first defence in the gut. It supplies the essential nutrients for cell multiplication. It supports the immune system. It increases villi crypt for the maximum absorption of nutrients from the gut
Aids fluid retention and absorption of fluids
Natural fibres
Increase retention of fluids and protect the GIT from further damage
Essential minerals
Boosts uptake of essential minerals lost
Boosts good bacteria and changes environment for bad bacteria

Reasons for Scours in Calves

  • Occurs normally from day 1 to day 28
  • It is the single most cause of deaths in Calves
  • Causes can be Infection or Nutritional

Infectious causes can be

  • Bacterial e.g. E Coli, Salmonella Clostridium and other bacteria
  • Viruses e.g. Coronavirus, Rotavirus virus, BVD virus, IBR virus
  • Protozoa e.g. Cryptosporidium, Coccidia
  • Yeasts & Molds

Nutritional Scours can be caused by

  • Stress
  • Colostrum quality and quantity
  • Weather conditions
  • Nursing patterns
  • Overconsumption of milk
  • Environmental factors

Main Infectious Causes of Diarrhoea in Calves

Diarrhoea in Calves and Its Impact

  • In the first 28 days, calves are most susceptible to diarrhoea
  • Viruses and bacteria attack the lining of the calf’s intestine
  • This makes it difficult to absorb essential nutrients from milk which is required for healthy
  • The animal loses water (dehydrates) which is essential for all metabolism
  • The animal becomes more susceptible to disease because the immune system is compromised
  • Healthy growth is compromised because the animal is losing essential nutrients
  • Energy is lost which is critical for life
  • The animal becomes dehydrated which leads to loss of body mass and it becomes lethargic
  • The good bacteria in the gut is lost and the villi, which is critical for the absorption of nutrients, becomes stunted
All of the above reasons could lead to eventual death of the calf

When to Apply Scour-Ex

  • Apply immediately when Scours occur
  • Once dose should be sufficient but another can be administered if Diarrhea persists
  • One dose is 50g
  • If Diarrhoea continues to occur, please consult a veterinary surgeon
Can be fed with milk, milk replacer or water

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